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Dealing with construction contract disputes

Your experience in the construction industry has proven to you how vital contracts are to the success of your business. As a project moves forward, the terms you and the other party agreed to verbally may become cloudy in your memories, resulting in confusing expectations. Having a written contract protects you and your client from those kinds of misunderstandings that can quickly lead to disputes.

Make sure your commercial lease is good for your business

Locating commercial space that will work for your business is no easy task in California. Rent for business space is expensive, and it can be quite frustrating to locate an affordable place to run the operations of your small business. Finding the right place is not the only challenge. Once you find it, it is important to make sure the negotiated terms of your lease are appropriate and work for your company.

Fighting back against an infringement of your trademark

If you are experiencing a violation of your trademark, you are experiencing a violation of your property rights and the financial well-being of your business. Violations of your trademark are serious, and you have the right to take appropriate legal measures to make the infringement stop and seek compensation for any financial losses.

Eminent domain: Can the government just take my property?

Eminent domain refers to the right of the government to take privately owned property for the public benefit or government use. Many California property owners find themselves shocked to learn that the government intends to take part of their property, but it may be within the power of the government to do so.

Can I break my commercial lease without penalty?

When you signed your lease on the commercial property you had chosen for your business, you likely had big plans for your future. Maybe this store front property or office suite provided just the space you needed to get things started, and you were happy to sign a lease committing to three, five or even 10 years of paying rent.

Duped by a scam artist? You are not alone

Who wouldn't like a bundle of money to drop into their laps? Who hasn't dreamed of a job with fewer responsibilities and more money? Who hasn't fantasized about the things they would do if they won the lottery? You may be like many who wish your investments brought larger, faster returns, and when someone offers you just such an opportunity, it may be hard for you to resist.

The CC&R that makes your community work

If you love your home and community, you are probably active in keeping it safe and attractive, and this may include your involvement in the Homeowners Association. Your role on the board of your HOA may have its perks, but you undoubtedly deal with many headaches and responsibilities. Depending on your position on the board, you may also carry heavy legal burdens.

Is the government trying to take your business property?

As outrageous as it may seem, there are situations in which the government may move to take privately owned property, whether it is a private residence or business and business-owned real estate. There are valid, legal grounds by which the government can secure or acquire land owned by either businesses or private residents, and the name for this right and ability is eminent domain.

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