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Make sure your commercial lease is good for your business

Locating commercial space that will work for your business is no easy task in California. Rent for business space is expensive, and it can be quite frustrating to locate an affordable place to run the operations of your small business. Finding the right place is not the only challenge. Once you find it, it is important to make sure the negotiated terms of your lease are appropriate and work for your company.

You have the right to attempt to negotiate the terms of your commercial lease with your landlord. This is an important step for your business as the terms of this contact could affect the financial well-being of your company for years to come. Many businesses will find it beneficial to seek legal guidance as they negotiate these terms.

What should you fight for in your contact?

Whether you are negotiating the terms of your lease or you want to know the questions you should ask in your effort to protect your interests, it can be helpful to fight for terms that are perfectly clear on the following matters:

  • Possible rent increases: It is prudent to be certain your company will not have to pay additional rent increases in the future of which you may not be aware.
  • Type of lease: It is important to know what type of lease you have because this outlines which party is responsible for repairs, utilities, remodeling expenses and more.
  • Length of lease: You would be wise to know how long you will be obligated to this lease. It is also smart to know the terms and penalties for breaking the lease early in case of a contingency.

Negotiating a legal contract can be a daunting and complicated process. When the financial and legal interests of your company are on the line, you may find it helpful to have experienced legal guidance before you agree to any contract.

Support in lease negotiations

You may be an experienced business owner, and you may be unsure that you need help simply to negotiate a contract. However, commercial leases can be complex, and the experienced guidance of a legal professional could prove to be an invaluable asset for you during this process.

When your business is ready to expand, open or change locations, you would be wise not to agree to any lease until after a careful and thorough review by a person with your best interests in mind. With help, you can pursue a lease that allows for the continued prosperity of your business.

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