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Fighting back against an infringement of your trademark

If you are experiencing a violation of your trademark, you are experiencing a violation of your property rights and the financial well-being of your business. Violations of your trademark are serious, and you have the right to take appropriate legal measures to make the infringement stop and seek compensation for any financial losses.

Often, it is hard to determine if another person or company is infringing on your copyrighted or trademarked company property. When another company releases a product, slogan or marketing tool that is too similar to yours, that is infringement. This confuses consumers and could potentially lead people to mistakenly patronizing the wrong business. Trademark violations could equal money lost for your California business.

What counts as confusing similarities?

A blatant violation of your trademark is not necessarily the only prerequisite for taking legal action. In some cases, confusing similarity is sufficient reason to take whatever measures are necessary to protect your financial interests. The following questions can help you understand if you are experiencing an infringement of your protected property:

  • Could it cause consumers to buy another product instead of your product?
  • Is the company that infringed on your property also competing with your company for business?
  • Are both companies selling and advertising to the same markets?
  • Are the products similar to each other or do the names sound the same when said aloud?
  • Is there a difference in cost between the competing products?

Trademarked property could be an important marketing tool for your company. Your protected property, whether that is a proprietary product you invented or a distinguishing symbol, may be what sets your company apart and gives you a competitive advantage. These things are worth protecting.

While it can be a complex process, it is possible to make trademark infringement stop and hold liable parties accountable. As soon as you suspect this is happening, you will find it beneficial to seek appropriate legal guidance.

Fighting for the best interests of your business

You worked hard to establish your business and make a name for yourself. Infringement on your trademark is a threat to everything you have built, but you have the right to fight to protect your trademark and your future success.

With help, you can stop the threat and seek appropriate damages. Trademark law is complicated, and you may find it helpful to seek guidance as you work for a reasonable and satisfactory resolution to your legal concerns.

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