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Eminent domain: Can the government just take my property?

Eminent domain refers to the right of the government to take privately owned property for the public benefit or government use. Many California property owners find themselves shocked to learn that the government intends to take part of their property, but it may be within the power of the government to do so.

If the government is exercising eminent domain rights over your property, it is beneficial to learn more about what this means and how you can protect your rights and interests. If you will lose part of your property to public use, you are entitled to an appropriate amount of money to compensate you for the loss of your private property.

What to expect from this process

The laws outlining the eminent domain process indicate that the government must provide fair compensation if taking private property for public use. In many cases, eminent domain is essential for things such as the expansion of highways, government buildings, sidewalks and more, yet that does not mean that the property owner does not have rights in this process. You may find the following beneficial to help you better understand how eminent domain works: 

  • When taking private property, the government will work with appraisers to determine a fair value of the land in question.
  • After deciding on a value, the government can offer the homeowner an amount, but the homeowner has the right to dispute the price if he or she believes it is unfair.
  • If the homeowner does not agree to the price, there may be a hearing. At this hearing, the homeowner has the right to present an amount that he or she believes is fair and represents the true value of the property.

As a homeowner who loses his or her property through eminent domain, you may benefit from an in-depth explanation of how the government reaches a fair value and how you can shield your interests during hearings.

Fight for your rights as the homeowner

As the homeowner, you have the right to pursue a fair value for your property, as well as push back against what you may consider to be an unfair intrusion of your property rights. These are complex issues, and you would be prudent not to attempt to deal with the government on your own. When your property and your financial well-being are at stake, it is beneficial to seek guidance as soon as you learn about a possible eminent domain issue.

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