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Is the government trying to take your business property?

As outrageous as it may seem, there are situations in which the government may move to take privately owned property, whether it is a private residence or business and business-owned real estate. There are valid, legal grounds by which the government can secure or acquire land owned by either businesses or private residents, and the name for this right and ability is eminent domain.

The government will only exercise its right to eminent domain over a piece of property for the benefit of public use, whether that is laying a sidewalk, sewer lines and other infrastructure needs. In this situation, the government would have to provide compensation to the California landowner in an amount that is fair.

How does it work?

If you are facing the prospect of losing your business property due to eminent domain, not only is it beneficial to learn more about what you are up against, but to also be closely familiar with your rights. When the government requires your property for public use or benefit, the following things will happen:

  • Once there is finalization of the details of the project, the government will identify the specific property it may need to obtain.
  • Appraisers hired by the government will determine the value of the property, and the owner will receive a price for the property based on that appraisal.
  • If the owner does not agree to the price offered by the government and the two parties cannot agree to a reasonable amount, the issue will move to condemnation proceedings.

If the sale of your business property ends up in a condemnation hearing, you may be able to offer your own valuation of the property in question. You may seek your own appraisal for the property, and you have the right to pursue an amount that is in the best interests of your business.

Protecting your business

When the government wants the land your business sits on or other business property for public use, you may feel a little intimidated by your circumstances. Getting a fair price for your property is crucial, but it isn't always an easy process. Eminent domain is a complex legal matter, but you do not have to navigate these complicated issues on your own.

When eminent domain threatens your business interests, you have no time to lose in seeking support and guidance in order to fight for the best outcome, which includes a fair value for all of your business property in question.

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